samurai X, spider-man, spongebob, kenshin, batman

Episodes 316 to 321 (The final episodes completed!) for mobiles

3gp/Mp4 format (works with most mobile fones and mp4 players) and pcs with mp4 codecs
size: 20+mb
Newly added: for those who can't download the big chunk...

Sozin's Comet in 4 parts: only about 25MB each!

318 The Phoenix King (part 01)
319 The Old Masters (part 02)

320 Into the Fire

321 Avatar Ang

I can't wait for Season 4!

Episodes 316: The Southern Raiders

Episode 317: The Ember Island Players

Many thanks to all the original uploaders and posters!

The rest of the current season 3 episodes can also be found here

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samurai X, spider-man, spongebob, kenshin, batman

My Avatar Season3 Archives and other Downloadable "stuff"

As far as I know it's already complete, from 301 till Episode 309, all of which are in 3gp format so it 's only averaging about 13mb each. Although I should really be editing the Headband episode...and anyways...

You can download a bunch of other stuff too (mostly comicbooks) by visiting: My Webpage Archives

Sorry for the "messy" navigation, i'm still kinda experimenting on iframes....and with my webpage look...(if it has any)

If you prefer, you can go directly to my Rapidshare folder:

Speaking of which, have any of you peeps heard about Senbit Direct Download? It makes downloading a breeze but...there is bug though...compressed files dont do so well...
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